Does Your Blog Need A Niche?

Greatest Thing About The Internet As we continue to move into an era that is becoming increasingly dependent and focused on technology, there are numerous new avenues that are opening up for people like you and me to capitalize on. The internet and digital devices that you can use to access the wide world of…

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How To Delete or Uninstall Akismet Anti-Spam from WordPress?

How to Delete Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

How Do I Remove Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin From WordPress? I’ve been struggling for a few weeks now on how to remove Akismet Anti-Spam plugin that I don’t recall installing. I know that Akismet is an Anti-Spam plugin that helps reduce spam comments. Since I did not even install the plugin or granted anyone permission to…

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The Learning Friends 100 Words Book

100 Learning Words

Making Learning A Fun Experience For You And Your Child Subscribe to our YouTube Channel On Mobile? Click here to watch the video Learning Quickly with 100 Words Book Before you even start to think about your kid’s schooling, you need to remember that learning for a child begins at home. It begins right as…

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How To Set Beat Markers Using Final Cut Pro X Without Plugins?


Add Markers Without Using FCPX Plugins Final Cut Pro X is a powerful software application that you can use to create and edit your precious photos and videos. Having perfect beat timing on your videos and music is essential to increase your audience’s high-retention views. If you plan or currently post your videos in YouTube,…

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Surfing The Sky – Cessna 172

cessna 172

Flight Day Over Arizona in a Cessna 172 Surfing the sky From the unbelievably vast Grand Canyon to the incredibly striking Monument Valley, Arizona is not short of spectacular sights that leave your mouth gaping in shock and wonder, a chance to experience the sheer amazement at taking in some of nature’s greatest works of…

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