How To Set Beat Markers Using Final Cut Pro X Without Plugins?


Add Markers Without Using FCPX Plugins

Final Cut Pro X is a powerful software application that you can use to create and edit your precious photos and videos. Having perfect beat timing on your videos and music is essential to increase your audience’s high-retention views. If you plan or currently post your videos in YouTube, high-retention views is very important.

It shows YouTube how much your viewers watch your videos. If your videos have high-retention rates, YouTube will rank your video higher.  If your videos have low-retention views, that usually means that your video was clicked and opened then the viewer quickly or immediately leaves without watching the video.

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Immerse Your Audience

Having that beat timing brings your audience to an immersed experience that makes your audience feel that they are close and personal and lets them feel the emotions, action, and drama that comes with the story of the video. A good example of an immersed audience are when viewers watch movie trailers.

When film-makers creates movie trailers, they focus on the story, video quality (e.g. 4K, UHD, 1080P, etc..), background music, effects, beats timing, transitions, and more. Movie trailers generates millions of views because of its unforgettable experience that it provides to its audience. Basically, let your audience feel that they are the leading characters in the movie. Let them a feel a true to life experience while your audience are immersed on your videos.

How To Set Beat Markers in FCPX?

You can follow the steps below or you can also watch our YouTube video. If you like our video, feel FREE to Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

  • Launch Final Cut Pro X
  • Create a New Event
  • Create a New Project
  • Add your Music to Final Cut Pro
  • Play the music end to end
  • While the music is playing, press M for to mark the beat that you select
  • Add you video clips and adjust it to exactly match the markers
  • Do the same for the next video clip until you get to the last marker
  • Play your video and validating beat timing
  • You’re ALL set

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