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How to Set Up a Home Gym During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Building A Home Gym - What Does It Entail?

While it is easy to consider in theory, you may find yourself confused as to where to begin when trying to set up your home gym. I totally understand that pain because I have been in that position myself not so long ago. Fortunately for you, I will use my own experience of having finished my home gym recently to help you make the right decisions. Watch my YouTube video as a starting point. 

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Find A Suitable Location

Before you start thinking about the kind of machines and exercise tools you want to put in your gym, you need to decide where you want to put them. Selecting the right location for your home gym is extremely critical as you will want to make sure that you have plenty of space to move around without bumping into anything and possibly hurting yourself. An ideal space for a home gym would also be well ventilated or air conditioned as you do not want to overheat while working out. I, personally, opted for my garage to build a gym and it has turned out great. You can also go for any empty room in your house.

Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

Since I live in Arizona and the temperature gets to about 110-115F during the summer, I decided to buy an EdgeStar 13,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. The unit works great, and cools down the garage up to 84F during the summer and 68F during the winter.

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I started my home gym with a classic but extremely necessary bench press. I have been using the Olympic grade Valor Fitness Bench Press and it has proven to be a reliable and durable investment so far.

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Folding MaxKare Treadmill

A treadmill is another classic addition that will take up a lot of your time and reward with plenty of burned calories. I got mine for just under $100 but it has started to overheat so I may have to look into other options. Regardless, you will be able to find a lot of affordable treadmill options on Amazon. The MaxKare treadmill I purchased has a 2.5HP power, max speed of 8.5 MPH, and a can withstand a maximum weight of 220lbs.

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A simple yoga mat can end up benign extremely useful for activities where you are required to sit or lay down on the ground. You can also use it for yoga occasionally when you want to get a good stretch in.

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X-Mark Pull-down Cable Machine

Another great piece of equipment for me has been this Pull-down Cable Machine by XMark. The pulley is perfect for back workouts as well as for the biceps and triceps. You can use it for pull-downs, presses, curls, and a number of other exercises. I have also gotten the Side Shaper machine which does wonders if you are looking to do simple ab exercises that activates your abs during workout.

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Side Shaper Pro Review

I love the Side Shaper Pro. My garage is not that big so I needed an ab workout machine that works and I can store easily. I tried the Side Shaper Pro and I would say it is the best ab workout that I experienced so far. It activates your core and obliques. The best part about the Side Shaper Pro is it is not that hard to use. All you need is 5 - 10 mins a day and you are all set.

Dumbbells and Weight Plates

Dumbbells are an extremely versatile gym accessory and will be useful to you across a variety of workout routines and exercises. Not only that, but you can also consider getting kettle-bells, and grips to take it to the next level. I am thinking about getting Bowflex adjustable dumbbells soon once my budget allows me to. For weight plates, I got a set of 45lbs weight plates from XMark over at Amazon. You can also buy a set of XMark Olympic plates that includes (2) 35 lb, (4) 10 lb, (4) 5 lb, and (2) 2.5 lb Olympic weight plates with 2" stainless steel inserts. Total weight 135 lbs.

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Heavy Bag

One of the simplest yet most fun additions to your gym can be a heavy bag for high intensity boxing exercises. Personally, I got an Everlast 100lbs MMA style heavy bag that is attached to a pulley so that I can adjust it whenever needed. Also picked up a Everlast 2 station heavy bag stand.

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Think About Storage

Now that you know what you want in the gym, you need to determine how you are going to store it all. You cannot just leave your dumbbells strewn around on the floor and there are many small accessories that need to be organized and stowed away properly. For this purpose, you may want to look into some handy storage solutions, a variety of which are available on Amazon for cheap, such as a shoe rack for your trainers, a frame rack for your dumbbells, a hanging organizer for ropes and stuff, and a simple shelf for miscellaneous items.

Deal With The Heat

To prevent overheating, you will have to deal with the ventilation system in your gym space and make sure that it is cool enough to work out. If it is not centrally air conditioned, you may want to consider investing in a portable AC like I did. My EdgeStar portable AC has been a reliable companion throughout my sweatiest workouts. Another trick is to get a movable fan and place it facing towards an open entrance so that it facilities the movement of the atmosphere.

Draw A Rough Blueprint

Now that you know exactly what you want to put in your home gyming space, it is time to sketch out a rough design of the whole setup before you commit to it and start organizing. This will help you make the final additions and cuts based on how much space you have available and what you can fit realistically to maintain a basic comfort level.

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Put In The Work!

Now that you know exactly what you want to put in your home gym space, it is time to sketch out a rough design of the whole setup before you commit to it and start organizing. This will help you make the final additions and cuts based on how much space you have available and what you can fit realistically to maintain a basic comfort level.

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