What Is The Cause Of Ammo Shortage In The US?


Ammunition shortage in the US can be dated back to the year 2008. That is the year the shortage of ammo really started to be prominent and out there to be noticed. This mainly started due to new congress notices being passed out about the laws and rules regarding the possession and use of firearms.…

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Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team

AZ Heatwave

Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team Shooting can be a rather thrilling hobby and sport to pursue. Thanks to the technology available to us today, it can be very safe too. And not only does it make for a good sport or hobby, but it can also improve focus and mind-body coordination. Although it is a recreational…

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A Day of Fun, Adventure and Relaxation at Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell Utah Adventure

Depressing Than The Present I can’t recall a recent time that has been more uncertain and depressing than the present. What with the pandemic and everything else that has plagued the world these past few months, it has become so easy to get lost in the negative. With so much of our physical health at…

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What’s The Hype About Google Stadia?

Google Stadia Gaming

Will Google Stadia Completely Change The Way We Game? On March 19th, 2019, a fine day at the GDC 2019 in San Francisco, Google introduced a gaming device that is, undoubtedly, going to completely change the way we game. A gaming device so powerful, innovative, and unlike any other currently available in the market, that…

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Does Your Blog Need A Niche?

Greatest Thing About The Internet As we continue to move into an era that is becoming increasingly dependent and focused on technology, there are numerous new avenues that are opening up for people like you and me to capitalize on. The internet and digital devices that you can use to access the wide world of…

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How To Delete or Uninstall Akismet Anti-Spam from WordPress?

How to Delete Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

How Do I Remove Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin From WordPress? I’ve been struggling for a few weeks now on how to remove Akismet Anti-Spam plugin that I don’t recall installing. I know that Akismet is an Anti-Spam plugin that helps reduce spam comments. Since I did not even install the plugin or granted anyone permission to…

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