Buzz on Guns, Knives and Watches YouTube Channel

Carlos Castillo Watches Guns Knives

Welcome to the Buzz on Watches, Guns, & Knives YouTube channel! Here we bring you the latest buzz on all things related to watches, guns, and knives. Whether you’re looking for the latest news on the newest watches and guns, or you’re interested in learning more about knives, gun cleaning, outdoor shooting, and more, we…

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What Is The Cause Of Ammo Shortage In The US?


Ammunition shortage in the US can be dated back to the year 2008. That is the year the shortage of ammo really started to be prominent and out there to be noticed. This mainly started due to new congress notices being passed out about the laws and rules regarding the possession and use of firearms.…

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Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team

AZ Heatwave

Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team Shooting can be a rather thrilling hobby and sport to pursue. Thanks to the technology available to us today, it can be very safe too. And not only does it make for a good sport or hobby, but it can also improve focus and mind-body coordination. Although it is a recreational…

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A Day of Fun, Adventure and Relaxation at Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell Utah Adventure

Depressing Than The Present I can’t recall a recent time that has been more uncertain and depressing than the present. What with the pandemic and everything else that has plagued the world these past few months, it has become so easy to get lost in the negative. With so much of our physical health at…

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Surfing The Sky – Cessna 172

cessna 172

Flight Day Over Arizona in a Cessna 172 Surfing the sky From the unbelievably vast Grand Canyon to the incredibly striking Monument Valley, Arizona is not short of spectacular sights that leave your mouth gaping in shock and wonder, a chance to experience the sheer amazement at taking in some of nature’s greatest works of…

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