Camel Token – Diamond Hands – GameStop & Wall Street


2/24/2021 – GME IS BACK – CAMEL TOKEN DIAMOND HANDS DISCLAIMER: BYN is not a Financial Adviser. We are Apes and Retards WE LOVE THE STOCK! The mortar and brick shop of GameStop became a hot topic of discussion outside of the confines of Financial Markets when the wonder boy billionaire “Elon Musk” mentioned it…

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What Is The Cause Of Ammo Shortage In The US?


Ammunition shortage in the US can be dated back to the year 2008. That is the year the shortage of ammo really started to be prominent and out there to be noticed. This mainly started due to new congress notices being passed out about the laws and rules regarding the possession and use of firearms.…

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Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team

AZ Heatwave

Arizona Heatwave Shooting Team Shooting can be a rather thrilling hobby and sport to pursue. Thanks to the technology available to us today, it can be very safe too. And not only does it make for a good sport or hobby, but it can also improve focus and mind-body coordination. Although it is a recreational…

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